What Makes Us the Greenest Car Wash?

Saving Water


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Using Green Products


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Reducing Energy Use


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Saving Water with Every Wash


Green Clean Express Wash is a proud member of WaterSavers® — and we’re currently the only car wash in the Coachella Valley to receive this special certification!

Our car wash uses a state-of-the-art Reclaim System to clean and re-use fresh water and we're proud to say we re-use 80% of all water because every drop counts!  This means we also use 20 gallons or less of fresh water per wash — less than the typical home washing machine uses for one load! 

We also reduce water pollution by treating any water we return to the environment.   

Check out more about WaterSavers® here! 

Using Earth-Friendly Products


Green Clean Express Wash protects your car and preserves its value by using gentle, environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products.  So we’ve carefully chosen soaps and cleaning products to make your car shine while also safeguarding the earth.  We use car wash products that are non-toxic, friendly to the ozone layer and free of aromatic solvents, NPE, HF/ABF and other harmful substances.   At Green Clean, we guarantee your car will be clean, pristine – and entirely green!    

Check out Our Services to learn more about each product offered in our car wash.   

Reducing Energy Use


Green Clean Express Wash knows that using less energy means more benefits for the Earth! That's why our car wash has integrated several energy-efficient features without compromising on wash quality, including:

  • LED lights throughout the buidling
  • Variable speed motors to reduce electricity use
  • Reclaim Water Systems to reduce energy needed to draw water 
  • Hydra-flex soap system dramatically reduces water usage
  • Exclusive hand-prep & hand-dry service on every car wash!