Frequently Asked Questions


How often should you wash your vehicle?

We recommend that you get a car wash once a week so that any contaminants such as bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, acid rain, dust and sand do not permanently stain or damage your paint surface. 

 We also recommend that the wheels are cleaned regularly to remove the accumulated brake dust.

How often should you have your vehicle waxed?

We recommend that you choose our Works car wash at least every 30 days to 

protect the vehicle’s Clear Coat finish and to maintain the shine.

Will automated car washing damage the vehicle surface?

No, we use a closed cell foam brush system to gently clean your vehicle 

surface without the use of harsh chemicals. The cloth is very dense 

and designed to prevent particles from becoming trapped within the brush fibers.

How soon should I remove the bugs from the vehicle surface?

Immediately. Dead bugs leave a form of acid that can stain and harm your vehicle’s painted surface.

Can I wash all of my cars with my Bundle?

YES!  With our Bundles you purchase them when you choose, use the code for any vehicle, and there is no expiration for the bundle! 

Just use the code printed on the bottom of your car wash receipt. We recommend taking a picture of the receipt with your smart phone so you won’t lose the code.  

We think this is a better deal for our customers, unlike other car washes that offer unlimited monthly clubs that are limited to one vehicle per membership and auto charged to your credit card every month. 

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